Saturday, 25 September 2010

Sickness And The 3DS

As you can see I've been away for a few days and haven't had the energy to make "the rounds". I came down with a nasty cold and spent my days playing Zelda games and eating (drinking?) soup. But now I'm back and I'll be sure to look around and see what I've missed :)

Anyone else as hyped as me for the 29th? It's gonna be the day when Nintendo release details about the 3DS including pricing and release date. Gonna make sure to get my pre-order down ASAP.

I've been thinking. Seeing as the 3DS has a touch screen, gyroscope, motion sensor and a microphone imagine how a Wario Ware game would work on it. All previous WW titles have used one or two of these things together but never all. What I'm trying to say is a 3DS Wario Ware game would be bloody hectic. Nintendo best deliver.

And here's some 3DS screens.

I still can't get over how amazing this looks for a handheld. And what a fantastic line-up of games already.

Thursday, 16 September 2010

My Thoughts On The DmC Reboot

Tokyo Game Show, the event where them crazy japanese show of their upcoming video games has been and gone and I'd like to share my thoughs and opinions on the newly announced Devil May Cry.

Devil May Cry. Easily my favourite hack 'n' slash series ever is getting a reboot by developer Ninja Theory (known for Heavenly Sword and the soon to be released Enslaved) and Dante (I really hope it isn't him) looks like this.

I don't hate the new look entirely. I would've really liked it have they not shoved Dante's name in there. A lot of speculation has been going on and one person's theory suggests this is Sparda taking on Dante's name. Notice how the Dante in the trailer has red eyes whereas both Dante and Virgil have blue eyes. Another is that this kid is an imposter and the real Dante will show up soon enough to take his name back. Grasping at straws much?

Another thing I find worrying is "Dante's" new weapon. Some kind of scythe which looks like it can morph into other weapons.

This could mean a new streamlined battle system and possibly the removal of additional weapons. Or after each boss fight their power fuses with this scythe to grant it more power. I don't know, this just doesn't seem like Devil May Cry. What do you think?

And to finish up a couple of related images which I found hilarious.

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Oh Japan, You So Crazy

This right here is the future of gaming.

Galgun. The world's first (or the first I've ever seen) on-rails groper. Think of it as House of the Dead but instead of zombies you get japanese schoolgirls and instead of shooting them you touch them inappropriately.

But I know what you're thinking and I agree. What good is it groping japanese schoolgirls if there are no tentacles involved?

Well BAM there it is. Here's a video of it in action

What kind of person would buy this game?

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Friday, 10 September 2010

Hot Donna's Vidya Game Radio

Go here every friday at this time for an hour of video game music goodness.

And as a plus, the DJ sounds like Donna from That '70s Show.

I'm pretty OK with this.

Thursday, 9 September 2010


Looking past the modeling problem I fooled around and added part of the underground. Here's the hole leading to the first underground section.

I'm not too happy with the transition between the overworld and the underground here. Feels too sudden.
And here's a little into the underground.

Another thing I'm not happy with is the warp pipe here. Took an age to make and it looks way too short, but any higher and I wouldn't be able to jump into it. A good thing though is the pipe is fully functional with the famous sound too and leads to what will soon be the water area.